JBL Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, Northeast Ohio company focused on resolving a wide range of wind and storm damage problems.  JBL is licensed, insured and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.  

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JBL Roofing & Construction Inc, 7289 Ohio Highway 43, KentOhio 44240, United States, (330) 677-9463

Here's What You Can Expect When We Arrive
This page is designed to walk you through a typical roofing project so that you can have an idea of what our process is.

The Days Before Your Roof Project
Normally the day before we begin your roofing project, a truck and/or trailer will be delivered to your home. This will be used to collect all the old roofing materials and any debris created during your job. It is important that you keep your driveway and access to your home available for the dumpsters, material deliveries, and crew vehicles.

It is also helpful if you keep any pets secured in the house. This is for the protection of your pets, as well as the protection of our workers.

First Day of Roofing
On the first day of your project, our guys will show up to your house and start removing the old roof. The roofing material is thrown into the dumpster from the roof top. You may not have access to your garage or driveway while our trucks and crews are working on your project. You should expect a lot of noise and dust – after all, your home is now a construction site. The good news is that most projects only last ONE day!

Once the existing roof is torn off, we will then be able to determine whether the existing plywood decking is adeqate to re-roof over, or if part, or all of it needs to be replaced. Most roofing products, other than shake, are installed on a solid plywood decking. Shake, however, can be installed on “skip-sheathing.”  Therefore when removing a shake roof, it is quite common that all new plywood will need to be installed.

Next the felt is installed. At this point, the roof is considered “dried-in”.

Then the installation of the shingles begins. (Fact: With the roof properly dried-in, the installation of the shingles can actually be performed in the rain.) You may have opted for skylights, solar tube lights, ridge venting, or other accessories. These will also be installed during this phase of the project. (Gutters are done later…)

At Completion
Once your new roof is completed, any remaining debris, trucks, and trailers will be removed.  At this time, we will invoice you for payment and complete the paperwork necessary to request the issuance of your warranty from the shingle manufacturer. Final payment is due upon receipt of invoice. In most cases, Cascade will register your roof warranty for you and you will receive the documentation for your warranty directly from the manufacturer in the mail within about a month.

If you opted for gutter installation or replacement, this is scheduled at the completion of the roofing project, and a separate job date will be scheduled.

What to Expect