What to look for?

For starters, JBL Roofing & Construction never recommends that a homeowner get onto their roof to inspect for storm damage.  Whether it's us or another roofing company, use a professional.

Assess your roof for storm damage.  Walk around the perimeter of your home and photograph or take pictures of any damage. Obvious signs of damage may include dented, torn or missing shingles.

Check gutters, roofing accessories and windows.  Though your shingles may appear undamaged, dents in gutters and roof vents may point to hidden roof damage.  Also, be sure to inspect windows for cracks, loose weatherstripping and torn screens.

Inspect the area around your home.  Check for fallen limbs, broken fences and damage to lawn furniture and exterior decorations.  Look closely at flat surfaces such as patios and decks for signs of hail damage.

Look for leaks in your attic and ceilings.  Even though your roof may appear undamaged from the outside, wind and hail may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later.  Check ceilings and light fixtures for signs of water, and inspect your attic closely with a flashlight.

Call your insurance company (Homeowners Policy).  Report a claim with your insurance company and arrange for an inspection.

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JBL Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, Northeast Ohio company focused on resolving a wide range of wind and storm damage problems.  JBL is licensed, insured and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.  

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